Business Litigation

Travis Law’s Business Litigation Team
Litigation comes with an inherent risk. And, in many cases, our clients’ futures depend on the outcome of what we can provide. At Travis Law, we take our relationships with our clients very seriously. Our first priority is you.

Simply put, we do everything we can to make sure that we reach the outcome you want us to achieve.

Business Litigation
Travis Law’s commercial litigation practice involves all aspects of commercial relationships. Our team of lawyers can work with your business to resolve disputes involving:

  • contracts
  • business dissolutions
  • business disputes

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients. We make sure to deliver competence and value to everyone we work with.

Corporate Litigation
Corporate litigations are far more than one business suing another. At Travis Law, we recognize that corporate litigation means taking steps to avoid litigation as well as mitigating business disputes before they reach a courtroom. The more we can resolve outside of court, the better off everyone involved.

We take serious measures to represent clients in cases involving public and closely-held corporations and their officers, shareholders, and directors.

We can help you with cases involving:

  • management and corporate control claims
  • acquisitions and mergers
  • contract disputes
  • shareholder appraisal rights
  • employment agreements
  • financial transactions
  • covenants not to compete
  • insurance coverage disputes

Our focus is not only on corporations. Our litigators also represent partners, partnerships, and sole proprietors in similar types of commercial cases.

In addition to our business litigation practice in the federal and state courts, our team can handle much more. Our lawyers can help you with:

  • declaratory judgments
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • preliminary injunctions
  • domestic and international arbitrations
  • mediation proceedings
  • trials

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