Outside General Counsel

Businesses often depend upon outside counsel to play the role of their general and in-house counsel. The team at Travis Law serves as outside general counsel for companies throughout the state. Our firm works closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the company’s activities and objectives. This is the reason that we are capable of providing client-centered, focused, and cost-efficient counsel on legal issues they may be faced with daily.

Outside general counsel is the legal team you retain to advise you on the crucial issues that affect your company. They are not employees of your organization. Instead, they operate as independent service providers under contract.

An excellent way to look at it is outsourcing your legal needs. This keeps you from having a full-time lawyer on staff, but also able to benefit from having a lawyer that’s always on-call.

Meeting Your Individual Needs
Rather than approaching the legal needs of your company in an ala carte fashion or seeking counsel from random litigators that you may or may not have a grasp on the particular legal issue you are confronted with, you will be working alongside seasoned business lawyers that understand the individual needs of your business and its specific needs. One you can fully trust in to profoundly understand your legal issues.

Our Role
As outside general counsel, our role is to be ready, since we are typically first to receive the call when our clients have situations that have legal implications associated with them.

In our capacity as strategic advisors to our clients, we operate promptly and effectively with creative and far-reaching insight from our team to find the solution that is ideally suited for your business.

Why Choose Outside General Counsel
More companies are hiring outside general counsel because it is the most cost-efficient method to have unlimited access to seasoned business lawyers to advise them and help them sidestep potential legal pitfalls while helping to improve profits.
Small and mid-sized companies commonly hire outside counsel to manage the daily and ongoing legal issues of the business. Larger companies with in-house legal departments seek outside counsel for specialized cases or litigation.

How to Select the Best Outside General Counsel
When seeking outside general counsel, you want to use a firm that quickly catches on to what your business needs are right in that particular moment. Our team is devoted and experienced in representing scores of companies just like yours in numerous disputes, cases, and transactions. We possess the skill, expertise, and experience needed to assure that you make the best decisions for your company.

Regardless of the business-related legal matter that your company is confronted with, our team has the talent and experience to provide robust, practical, and useful legal insight.
What We Offer at Travis Law

We make a point of understanding the current business operations of our clients, past history, and most desirable future when performing our duties as outside counsel, and we offer efficient, thoughtful, and innovative solutions to our client’s most mundane or complex legal issues.

Travis Law can tackle all of your business, corporate, finance and real estate needs, as well as, resolution of disputes and litigation.

Our outside general counsel duties and services include:

  • Commercial contracts, strategic transactions, and licensing agreements
  • Offering counsel to officers and company directors on fiduciary responsibilities
  • Board and shareholder resolutions, corporate governance, directors’ meetings, shareholder meetings, consents, and minutes
  • Executive compensation, including stock options, and non-equity and equity-based incentive compensation
  • Employment issues, including intake, retention, termination, and employee handbooks
  • Arbitration, litigation, and risk management
  • Trademark, and other intellectual property protection
  • Real estate acquisition and commercial leasing

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